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What exactly is an implant?

Implant Systems

An implant consists of commercially pure titanium what is an already proven and biologically compatible material in medical technology because it is tissue-friendly. Three components, namely the implant, the abutment and the holding screw are combined with one another. Assembled together the entire construction is about two centimeters long. Different sizes and forms ensure the best solution in every case.

Implants are amongst the most modern and scientifically well-founded inventions. The use of implants has been certified to be successful in more than 95 percent of all cases - it is attributed to its patented tube-in-tube connection which arguably ensures the best seating and an exact fitting. Because of its simple handling it makes the treatment shorter.

Under local anesthesia your doctor prepares an exactly fitting cavity for the root shaped screw (implant) in the jaw using a special drill (figure 1 and 2) before the screw (implant) is inserted.

The bone stabilizes the implant and in approximately three to six months the bone and the implant coalesce. When the healing phase is over the dentist inserts the abutment into the implant, fits the crown and connects it firmly to the implant abutment.

Implant (Templant)

inkl. Abutment

EUR 650

Implant (Camlog)

inkl. Abutment

EUR 850




The ICX system is designed with two main factors in mind, safety and ease of use. By combining the findings of the last 20 years and extensive research and development, the ICX system provides a clinician with an evidence based design leading to predictable and successful results.

The ICX-templant implant is our general purpose implant. Due it's unique design, ICX-templant implants are able to be used in a variety of clinical scenarios. ICX-templant implants feature our Internal Conical Hex which has one size and shape allowing cross-compatibility. This also means platform switching is inherent in the system.



The CAMLOG Implant System sets new standards in implant dentistry with respect to stability and handling. The core element of the system is the patented "Tube-in-TubeT design", which ensures an accurate, mechanically secure implant-to-abutment connection with anti-rotational stability. The system consists of a minimum of components and is clearly organized, easily manageable, and very user-friendly for clinicians, dental technicians and assistants. The result is a minimum of treatment time for both user and patient, with a long implant lifetime.


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